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Presenting to you,

Our beloved grandfather’s legacy. Mr M Sami Raju - An ordinary farmer with an extraordinary vision!

His journey traces back to the 1930’s when he started his farming on a piece of land measuring less than half an acre. He chose honesty, hard work, care and proficiency as the four cornerstones to lay his foundation on. Every bit of soil that he plowed to every seed that he sowed he did it with utmost compassion. His initial harvest was a mixed basket comprising of mangoes, tamarind, paddy, sugarcane and varied vegetables. Years of his hard work and dedication eventually paid off and his cultivation field started to expand. While he was a farmer wholly devoted to his cultivation, he was also someone who sought to and committed himself to helping and uplifting his fellow farmers in all the adjacent villages. His passion and brilliance didn’t end at just ensuring a good quality harvest but extended to achieving fair distribution and marketing of the produce. He came up with clever marketing strategies to ensure that the best quality produce reached the consumers at the best price through the various regions of the state.


His vision was to build a solid healthy farm, Create job opportunities for the unemployed and to make every farmer’s harvest reach the consumer in the purest form – as rightly said “from soil to hand “.


His vision was our guiding force and his wisdom our path.

At Sami’s Harvest we proudly present to you the very harvest which was nurtured by our grandfather aka chintakayi Sami Raju (chintakayi meaning tamarind) and his wife Lakshmamma. He was well known by this name for his vast tamarind cultivation. 


Yours truly

A famer’s vision.

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